Four Corners of Cornerstone

(A foundation for Christian Growth)

At Cornerstone, we believe it is important for every person to have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But the mere acceptance of our Lord and Savior is not enough to carry us through the pressures and difficulties we face in our everyday lives. In order to develop a solid foundation for our Christian growth, we encourage each person to make it a priority to actively participate in what we call the Four Corners of Cornerstone: Worship, Sunday School, Fellowship, Ministry/Evangelism.

Worship helps us focus on God. Bible Class teaches us God’s inspired Word and how we can apply it in our daily lives. Fellowship gives us an opportunity to practice what we’ve learned in a supportive atmosphere. Being involved in a ministry and evangelizing allows us to use special gifts from God to bring honor and glory to His name by uplifting and helping others. In this way, we can continually be nourished and strengthened.


Worship is the highest spiritual experience for each Christian. Worship is necessary for good spiritual health, and it reminds us of the majesty and glory of God. We can experience the power of God through His words from the pastor’s sermons. Worshipping God will awaken us to our responsibility to do His will. Separate worship services are held for the Children’s Department, Youth Department (middle school and high school), College Department, Chinese Department and the Adult English Department.


The ministry of this department is to evangelize and to encourage the spiritual growth of the students through Biblical instruction.

At Cornerstone, our Sunday School Department holds several classes, ranging from preschool through adult ages.

To maximize the use of time and classroom facilities, classes are scheduled at various times around the youth, college, and adult worship services.

Our Sunday School Department uses the David C. Cook curriculum for the youth classes (preschool through high school seniors) and the Bible Book Study Series, published by the Southern Baptist Convention, for the college and adult classes.

Join us each Sunday for in depth Bible study to learn of His Truth, Love and Promises.


The purpose of fellowship is to develop godly characteristics and to build up strong relationships in the Body of Christ. This includes evangelism, small group interaction, prayer and Bible exploration.

Any person currently attending Cornerstone can participate in fellowship. Fellowship members should participate in the responsibilities and activities of the fellowship, such as bringing refreshments, teaching devotions and leading songs. Each fellowship member is also encouraged to participate in the major events of the church.

Fellowships are divided by age groups: Koinonia Children (KC), Middle School, High School, College, Adult Koinonia (AK) and Family Fellowships. Generally, fellowships meet Friday evenings or Saturdays. Please ask a host or an usher about which fellowship you should attend.


Cornerstone provides opportunities for everyone to serve the Lord in a wide variety of dynamic ministries to evangelize the Word of God. Depending on an individual’s interest, initiative and talent, one can become a part of ministries, such as drama, hosting, puppetry, choir or tech crew. There is something for everyone.

The goals of all our ministries at Cornerstone can be summed up as follows:

1. To glorify our Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do.

2. To encourage members to grow in Christian maturity through service.

3. To reach out to the community.

Each ministry is a varied and creative way of service that accomplishes these goals. It is important to remember that although many of the ministries may appear large and already established, each new person involved can enrich the ministry. New ideas that are spiritually edifying and feasible are always welcomed.